1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

To protect personal information, we complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and guidelines published by various government authorities.

2.Make thoroughly Informed of All Employees

In-company training will be held on our corporate regulations stipulated as Privacy Policy and make the contents thoroughly informed of all the employees who are engaged in our operations from board members to full-time and part-time employees.

3.Acquisition and Purpose of Using Personal Information

We clarify the purpose for using personal information and do not use such information for any other purposes.
As of March 9 2017, we use personal information for the following purposes:

  • For operations relating to inquiries and customer support
  • For operations relating to recruitment

4.Management of Personal Information

We strictly manage the personal information and take legitimate and appropriate measures to prevent the leak, manipulation, loss, and unintended use.

5.Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

In the following cases, we may provide the personal information to a third party without obtaining prior consent from individuals.

  1. When it is duly required by the laws and regulations
  2. When it is used to compile statistics in a manner that does not lead to the identification of individuals
  3. In case we entered into contracts with subcontractors that prohibited usage of the personal information for other than the outsourced operations.

6.Update/ Disclosure/ Deletion of Personal Information

Should we receive a request from an individual regarding the update, disclosure, deletion, cessation of use, etc., of his or her personal information, we shall respond promptly.
For inquiries about update, disclosure, deletion and cessation of use of the personal information, please contact us from the following page.

7.Improvements for the Protection of Personal Information

We make continuous efforts to reinforce and improve the internal organization for the protection of personal information.

8.Other Provisions

  1. Please note that we are not responsible for the security of personal information in any other web site whose link is included in our web site.
  2. Please note that we may revise our Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to improve or enhance our personal information protection system or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.