Any ideas we come up with can be realized as a game

Granzella Game Studios Inc. is the flagship production studio of the game developer "Granzella" which brought "Disaster Report" series and "R-Type" series into the world.
The staffs work together to create new games and entertainment on a daily basis.


  • - Under Planning/ Development -
    PS4 / Nintendo Switch / XBox One / Steam
    R-Type Final 2
    R-Type Final 2
    Granzella Inc.
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  • - Planning / Development -
    PS4 / Nintendo Switch
    Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories
    Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories
    Granzella Inc.
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  • - Development Cooperation -
    Godzilla VR
    Godzilla VR
    BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.
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  • - Planning / Development -
    PS4 / PS Vita
    Manga Kakeru ( Let's Manga )
    Manga Kakeru ( Let's Manga )
    Granzella Inc.
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About Us

Our History_ "Fun that can't be replaced!"

Granzella Game Studios is a game production studio that the production division of Granzella Inc. spun off in July 2015 in order to be able to operate in a way more aggressive and more responsible for production.
(In August 2019, the company changed its name from "GzStudios Inc." to "Granzela Game Studios Inc.")

In the town of Nonoichi, located next to the ancient city of Kanazawa, we are creating Granzella brand's game titles and other game titles and entertainment content, in pursuit of unique fun features that no other can create.

Granzella Game Studios's Activities/ Operations

  • Planning and production of Granzella brand's game content
  • Planning and production of home video-game console software (PS4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam)
  • Planning, production, and management of web content
  • Production of video image
  • Production of character illustrations
  • Creating game assets, materials for game development
  • Planning and evelopment of games for events and VR games
  • Planning, production, and selling of game-related goods

Company Overview

Trade Name Granzella Game Studios Inc.
(Formerly GzStudios Inc., changed the trade name in August 2019)
President/ CEO Takeshi Nagura (also serves as the President/ CEO of Granzella Inc.)
Supervision/ Chief Creator Kazuma Kujo (Lead director for "Disaster Report" series, "City Shrouded in Shadow", "MANGA KAKERU" )
Year of Foundation July 2015
Office Address (Granzella's Reception) Room 312, i-BIRD, 3-570 Suematsu, Nonoichi-shi, Ishikawa
Group Companies

Granzella Inc. (Kanazawa City, Ishikawa)

Granzella Game Factory Inc.(Nagoya City, Aichi)

Contact Us

Please send your inquiries about Granzella Game Studios Inc. via the email form.